Our Core Values

To be a team member at Neptune Marine, you must possess these four core values:

To be successful as an employee you must be honest,respectful,dedicated to the company,your co-workers and yourself

To be successful at Neptune Marine, you need to be focused,efficient and hustle.

Having the knowledge,ability and enthusiasm to further the company and yourself: A “go-getter” proactive innovator.

To be a successful part of the company you need to be genuinely positive, approachable and have a sense of humor.

Value Statement

Neptune Marine is a family owned business that has a strong commitment to excellence and quality workmanship in the marine industry. Our ownership believes whole heartily in supporting the community in which we operate to make it a better place to live.

Our Culture

Our Company promotes and encourages a safe and respectful work environment, values a strong work ethic, and recognizes the importance of family. Our people are encouraged to share ideas, achieve personal success through advancement opportunities, and overcome challenges through rewarding team work.